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Hope you all are having an amazing and sun-safe summer! :) Just thought I would share a great educational opportunity from Enright Melanoma Foundation that I took advantage of a few weeks ago that is really simple and super beneficial in the long run.

About a month ago, I was on the Enright website and I saw a link to their Sun Safety Certification course. Since I thought I knew all the facts and figures about sun safety, I thought I would put my knowledge to the test - little did I know, there was SO much that I did not know about! For example, did you know that it only takes a couple of minutes in the sun only a few times a week to get enough vitamin D for your body? AND, if you eat enough fortified cereals, dairy and fish, you don’t even need that time in the sun to get the sufficient amount of vitamin D. This was really surprising to me because, as a former avid indoor tanner, I always thought getting vitamin D from tanning beds was the one positive reason for tanning - looks like I was so wrong! As it turns out, indoor tanning bed users have a whopping 150% greater risk of melanoma. 

Anyway, the course really offers some worthwhile information about skin cancer prevention and the serious risks of baking in the sun. Even thought the summer is winding down, it is still important to know about sun safety! It only takes about fifteen minutes of your time and, once you receive a 90% or above on the final exam, you receive a letter of recognition from the Enright Melanoma Foundation, a certificate and a cute little patch in the mail proving your certification in sun safety. Spread the message to your friends and family because it’s important for your loved ones to be educated on sun safety, too!


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